We teach speaking

for kids and teens

at preschool education institution

Childhood is the best time for learning a language. This is the time when a child’s mind is both open to new knowledge and able to acquire it especially quickly and efficiently thus easing its use in the future. We offer exciting language classes that are adapted to preschool children. Take care of your child’s future! Together with us you can help your child to get ready for school.

at our office

To ensure efficient command of a language, one must start from the very beginning. We offer interesting and interactive language classes for children who want to learn and improve their knowledge outside school hours. Classes take place at our office, and we use various teaching and learning methods to ensure the most appropriate training for your child.

at primary school

Prepare your child for school timely! Choose our service — foreign language classes for primary school pupils — to maintain your child’s language knowledge at high level.

during school holiday

Use the school holiday wisely — give your child the possibility to gain new knowledge also during summer! We will take care that your child not only enjoys the summer but also spends the time usefully and gains some new language knowledge.


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